8 Ways the Unclean Air Duct System Can Affect Your Health


The air duct system is indeed one of the most used appliances at residential and commercial places. Their increased use comes with a need for regular cleaning by professionals. If not, then there will be adverse consequences on your health

Dirty Air Duct Systems effects

Following are some ways unclean air duct system can affect your health:

  • It makes your pre-existing health conditions worse- If you are already suffering from respiratory issues like asthma or other diseases, the unclean air duct system will make them more severe. The uncleaned air duct system degrades the air quality indoor. The allergens, pathogens, and other germs breeding in the unclean air duct system can circulate in the room can cause inflammation and other problems in your lungs. The respiratory systems are dependent on the air we inhale. If you inhale the polluted air, respiratory issues are more likely to occur. These health issues can be avoided if you consider air duct cleaning services for effective air duct cleaning.
  • Unclean air duct can speed up the aging process- Have you ever felt tired and you have no idea why? It may be happening because of the breathing in the contaminated and polluted air originating from the dirty air duct. A study shows that inhaling contaminated air can speed up the aging process. Perhaps, this is the key reason why the air duct system must be cleaned regularly.
  • Growth of rodents and insects in the air duct system- As air duct systems are warm inside and accumulate debris, the rodents and insects can easily thrive. The problem is Insects and rodents can leave their droppings that can be circulated in your home and can cause serious health issues. Keeping the air ducts always clean does not to let the rodents and insects to thrive.
  • The dirty air duct system causes dirty odors- The dirty air duct system can cause the growth of mildew and molds, which can bring dirty odor. This odor spreads and causes an unpleasant smell to linger in your home. The odors keep getting intense if you don’t clean the air-duct system for a longer time, making the entire ambiance unpleasant to live in. As a result, you will lose your comfort and feel suffocated all the time.
  • Affects immunity system- As the dirty air duct system contaminates the air we inhale; the immunity system has to fight off these air pollutants or contaminants. Over time, the immunity gets weaken as it has excessively worked to fight off these contaminants. As a result, the oxygen levels reduce in the body. This puts the entire immunity system under stress and makes it efficient.
  • The unclean air duct system causes cold and allergies- Respiratory issues like Sore throats, colds, constant coughing, and allergies can cause unclean air duct system. The air duct can house germs, bacteria, and fungus that spread along the ducts. Consequently, it gives rise to mold, which then circulates throughout the house and enters your lungs. Once it happens, chances are you suffer from cold and allergy issues.
  • Keeps your body tired- The air you inhale impacts the way you feel. If you inhale contaminated air due to an unclean air duct, you feel starting tiring as much as you expose to this contaminated air with less oxygen level. The pollutants and allergens in the air interrupt the oxygen supply in the body, making you feel lethargic.

These are some major health issues that are likely to occur if there is an unclean air duct system. This is why the experts recommend considering the best air duct cleaning service in Austin and keep the air duct system always cleaned.

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