Preventing Mold in HVAC Systems


Mold grows easily in moisture-rich environments full of organic material, in which temperatures are between 32-100 degrees. In other words, HVAC systems are prime candidates for mold. Here are three (3) essential tips to prevent mold in HVAC Systems:

  1. Maintain Drainage Pans

If your drain pans are not sloped and cleaned regularly, standing water will be unable to drain through the deep seal trap and will accumulate in the drain pans. the water and microbes found in the drain pans will result in mold growth. Regularly checking your drainage pans and removing standing water, when found, can greatly assist with mold issues. It is suggested to call a HVAC cleaning company near you to assist before drainage problem become a bigger issue.

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2. Regularly Replace Air Filters

Wet and dirty air filters lose their efficiency at trapping mold spores and other air contaminants. These particles can contaminate your HVAC system if air filters are not changed on a regular basis. If you come across visible mold when changing out your air filters call Austin Breeze to come out and assist you with a proper plan of action. Proper removal of mold is essential for the health of you and your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

3. Install UV Light in the Air Handler and Ductwork

UV Light on the air handler of the HVAC system will prevent mold growth on the evaporator coil. Mold growth on the evaporator coil can cause the coil to frost over, which if your air conditioning continues to run, could cause the compressor to freeze over (the compressor on and A/C unit is the most important…and expensive part). In the ductwork, a UV light will neutralize mold spores that pass through the ducts. This is added protection from mold spreading throughout your home or business.

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The most effective, and non-invasive methos to prevent mold in your home or business is to keep moisture and humidity levels under control. The less moisture that is in the air, the less mold spores are possible. For mold remediation and mold prevention, contact Austin Breeze today!