Quality UV Light Services


Ultraviolet (UV) Light was originally used to treat tuberculosis, but it is also now used today to also sterilize hospitals, some foods during processing, water and air. In essence, ultraviolet light is a kind of germicidal light. This light can be very useful in improving the health of your home environment. A UV lamp can clean HVAC systems and improve the air quality in your home. It can also eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold and other microbes within very minimal duration of contact.

This effect of UV light can bring beneficial relief to asthma and allergy suffered, especially in hot, humid places where bacteria and mold thrive. As an added perk, these UV lights have the potential to keep you HVAC system running longer, since they keep the parts clean.

One of the most effective ways of controlling mold, dirt, and other particles in your air system. Is the use of HVAC UV light. Every spore of mold in-sight of the UV light is killed with immediate effect, the process by which the indoor air quality of your home is improved. Apart from improving the indoor air quality of your home, UV light systems also help to:

–        Reduce the volatile organic compounds (VOCs)  in your environment

–        Keep the coils of your HVAC system clean

–        Reduce the odors in your household

–        Improve the efficiency of your household HVAC system, thus, reducing cost in electricity

–        Reduce condensation in drain lines by preventing the growth and accumulation of algae.

So, there are two types of UV light installations for HVAC systems which are coil and air sterilization.

Air Sterilization

Air sterilization is a system that uses UV-C light to disinfect the air as if cycles through return ducts. The UV-C light enhances the reflective surfaces therefore enhancing efficiency.

The coil sterilization system, on the other hand, is where the HVAC lamps are placed to particularly mark problem areas like filters, condensation pans, and the cooling coils. The concept behind the coil sterilization technique is to touch tight corners and edges that are more prone to microbial growth.

Now, the problem is getting a competent and modern UV light service provider to install or fix your UV light system. In an instances where you get a quality UV light system service provider, it is usually very expensive. But not to worry, providers like Austin breeze, air duct cleaning services, USA pro-vac and others are reliable and trusted for affordable and quality UV light services.